Porque a tecnologia deve transformar o mundo para melhor

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Who we re



Our team is formed by experienced sales representatives specialized in the maritime industry, but also experienced maritime professionals, naval engineers, high tech specialists, finance and marketing professionals.

We persue to bring and develop the best solutions and modern products for the brazilian or South America maritime market.

We aim more safety and sustaintabiity  in the entire maritime segment, 

more efficient energy power plants and lower (or even zero) gas emissions.   

In addition to offer new technologies, our company also seeks partnerships to create training and certification courses that allow the safe use of new equipments or services.

The 4.0 Revolution


(Fonte: Rolls Royce - Navios Autonomos)

We believe in the disruptive changes that are coming to the Maritime Industry.

We actively participate in the development and insertion of Artificial Intelligence, Revolution 4.0 and cutting-edge technological advances in ship and vessel products. We believe that the human factor, better trained and adapted to these changes, will continue to be essential for increasing the safety and efficiency of maritime activity.

our mission, vision and values


In what we believe


Search for the best, most disruptive and advanced technological solutions to be inserted in the Naval Sector in Brazil and Latin America, in order to contribute for the preservation of the environment, sustainable growth and energy efficiency.

Moreover, aim the economic growth of the human resources, companies and communities involved.


Being an active agent to introduce new technological solutions of the Naval Sector in Brazil and Latin America, in order to contribute sustainable models for the environment and the communities involved, with new and more job opportunities emerging in these new scenarios.

Our values

 A company that aims technological solutions for the sustainability in all means for the planet. We search the best way to adapt those solutions to the reality of each region.

Be an active and trustable agent planning and seeking financial partnerships or funds that can make the projects viable.